About Dark Steam Division

About Dark Steam Division

Dark Steam Division Coffees

After a Short and Sweet Career in the Military, I became a bodyguard for the British Embassy in Iraq where drinking coffee daily became absolutely essential and where the initial idea about Dark Steam Division began!

Three years later I had a eureka moment, packed my bags and headed home leaving sunny Baghdad behind.

My future lay in producing coffee for the masses so I purchased a Small Vauxhall Corsa van, had it custom fit with catering steel and plonked a custom built Italian Espresso machine in the back.

My partner in crime is my Marc Gordon (my Dad) and fellow Barista who is the brains behind the operation.

We have made Dark Steam Division unique, stylish, different and we are perfect for private functions of any type, including weddings, parties or festival's.

You will find us during the week serving the happy staff at Rainton Bridge Business Park with lattes and cappuccinos but by night we transform into a fully functioning cocktail van.

Unique Dark Steam Division Cocktails

With a simple but quirky drinks menu and a made to order service available.

We offer amazing Rum, Vodka and Khlua Cocktails infused with a shot of espresso and made fresh for our customers and clients. You will never have tasted a cocktail like these.

You can hire Dark Steam Division for your wedding reception or event, we are extremely flexible and our focus is about making your event special.

Of course we couldn't miss out offering high quality coffee, tea and hot chocolate with Cream and Marshmallows for the kids (or adults).

Marcus Dark Steam Division


Ex-Army Commando turned bodyguard, Marcus's adventures took him far and wide. Over scenic mountain ranges and crossing vast oceans in search of adrenaline fuelled crisis situations.

When Marcus's love for coffee became uncontrollable he jumped on the next available flight home and started his new adventure operating his own business and 'Dark Steam Division' was born.

Just a van, great coffee machine and a padded jacket to keep warm on the cold North East winter days he brings fantastic tasting coffee, tea, hot chocolate and unique coffee based cocktails to the world.

Marc Dark Steam Division


The second in command of Dark Steam Division and font of knowledge (like all Dad's). Marc is the go to guy for anything hot drink related.

Marc is a seasoned veteran of the business world, where he also works in event planning and coordination, using these skills he always delivers a first class experience to any customer or client of the Dark Steam Division.

Marc is a dedicated family man, squash player and massive fan of the highest quality of the black stuff.