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Welcome to Dark Steam Division

Dark Steam Division is a very unique mobile coffee platform that not only serves great tasting, high quality coffee's and teas from our custom built Italian Espresso machine, served by trained Barrista's but it also creates wonderful tasting coffee based cocktails that are suitable for events, weddings or parties of any kind. 

You can find us during the week at Rainton Bridge Business Park or at various events over the weekend including Newcastle Quayside Market and The Full Moon Project at Durham.

Our coffee's and products are of the highest quality and standard ensuring that you only ever receive the best tasting coffee available.

You can hire Dark Steam Division for any event where we will mix our coffee's with Rum and other spirits to create wonderful coffee cocktails that you will not find anywhere else.

If you have any questions for us you can give Dark Steam Division a call on 07730 459454 or email us direct at marcus@darksteamdivision.co.uk.

You can also follow us on Facebook and see what we have been up to recently. 


The Dark Steam Division Team


Ex-Army Commando turned bodyguard, Marcus's adventures took him far and wide. Over scenic mountain ranges and crossing vast oceans in search of adrenaline fuelled crisis situations.

When Marcus's love for coffee became uncontrollable he jumped on the next available flight home and started his new adventure operating his own business and 'Dark Steam Division' was born.

Just a van, great coffee machine and a padded jacket to keep warm on the cold North East winter days he brings fantastic tasting coffee, tea, hot chocolate and unique coffee based cocktails to the world.


The second in command of Dark Steam Division and font of knowledge (like all Dad's). Marc is the go to guy for anything hot drink related.

Marc is a seasoned veteran of the business world, where he also works in event planning and coordination, using these skills he always delivers a first class experience to any customer or client of the Dark Steam Division.

Marc is a dedicated family man, squash player and massive fan of the highest quality of the black stuff.

Contact Dark Steam Division

Dark Steam Division is really easy to contact, all you need to do is ring us on 07730 459454, email us at marcus@darksteamdivision.co.uk or complete the question form opposite.